Why hire us?


A Record of Achievement and Success

Our firm is relatively young as law firms go, having been established in January 2010. But it is led by an attorney who has years of exceptional legal and professional experience. The managing member of our firm, John A. Fuentes, has a long and honorable history of military, professional and personal service to our country and his community that he views as a source of enormous pride. Not one to rest on his achievements, John continually seeks challenges and believes that the pursuit of excellence is a human process requiring constant diligence. Every attorney and other professional with whom our firm associates shares the commitment to excellence and pride we rightly associate with our firm name.

After all is said and done, though, the only true evaluation of our services comes from our clients. Members of our firm have successfully represented clients in both federal and state courts, and the clients our members have represented range from the unemployed to multi-million dollar companies. To us, the phrase “with liberty and justice for all” means much more than just a set of words written on an old piece of paper; it's our solemn oath that's taken very seriously.

John is proud not only to have represented notable clients in the community and around our great State but to note that many of those clients have returned again and again to seek his advice and counsel. Frankly, we know why.

We ask only the best and brightest to work or associate with us. We embrace the culture of excellence, putting our body of experience into every well-considered decision, every effort on behalf of our clients. We use the power of diversity and seasoned judgment to provide you with the highest level of counsel and advocacy. Most importantly, we know how to get things done vigorously, efficiently, and correctly.

We appreciate this opportunity to introduce ourselves and briefly describe the depth of legal and personal resources we will utilize on your behalf. We encourage you to call us for an informal, face to face meeting, without obligation, so that you may personally evaluate our character, our competence, and our other unique strengths—tangible and otherwise.

Diversity of Legal Services

We offer a broad range of services, including many of the most common legal needs. If we don't handle your particular need or we just don't ‘fit,' we'll let you know and direct you toward a superiorly-qualified attorney in the appropriate field of practice.

Exceptional Customer Service

It's all about you, so unlike many lawyers, we don't view ourselves as too important to take or return your calls. When we do miss a call or e-mail, we strive to return it within a reasonable period of time (most often 48 hours or less) and to provide you with frequent status reports on your matter. Not many people are excited about the prospect of needing an attorney, but the reality, for better or worse, is that most of us will, often more than once. Our goal is to build an ongoing professional relationship with each client and to be the “go to” lawyer when the need arises.

Extremely Cost Effective and Creative

These are tough times, and we share your desire to control costs while receiving the very finest legal support. For this reason, rather than settle for the routine, we prefer to ‘think outside the box' when working to resolve your legal matter. We care about being accessible to normal people, so we keep our fees lower than average. It's not unusual for larger firms to charge nearly double our hourly rates. We streamline common processes and forms, avoiding redundancy, and making full use of information technology to keep costs low. We also look for creative solutions whenever possible to obtain the best outcome for our clients. Sometimes we're forced to trial, and if that happens, we'll zealously represent you.

Thank you for your time and consideration. We look forward to hearing from you.


Contact Information

PHONE: 210.366.0366
EMAIL: info@fuenteslawfirm.com
1100 NW Loop 410, Suite 700
San Antonio, Texas 78213        


Our Office

While our firm is located in San Antonio Texas, we represent both in and out-of-state clients. The managing member of our firm, John A. Fuentes, has represented clients all over our great State. Click here to view our office photo gallery.
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